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This page lists the blog posts that are reviews of papers (In a Nutshell), reports on events (News), or just me having a blether (Commentary) about my current opinion on the state of affairs. I reserve the right to change my mind (woman's prerogative) and hold opposing views concurrently (engineer's fall-back).

Articles in the In a nutshell series - essential reading for wave energy nuts:
Weber (2012) Technology readiness and performance matrix
Peaks and Troughs (Yemm)
Peaks and Troughs (Garrad) 
Watershed Catapult report

Renewable-UK W&T 2015 - Routes to market
Renewable-UK W&T 2015 - Wave Energy Scotland
Registration now open for wave and tidal 2015
Black Friday SuperGen
EU funding for cross-border collaboration

Open source simulation tool
All energy 2014 - Pelamis cost of energy study  
OES modelling workshop
Apache to the rescue
Battle of the BEMs
EWTEC 2013 - Inore group discussion session
EWTEC 2013- Inore panel session
EWTEC 2013 presentations - the long and the short of it 
US wave energy converter prize consultation
AEO 2013 - fundamental challenges
AEO 2013 trends and titbits - Cost of Energy
AEO 2013 trends and titbits - commercialisation
Renewableuk and SI Ocean supply-chain workshop 2013
Travel info for All Energy 
Wave and tidal knowledge network
Sleepwalking into an energy crunch  
IET Towards Commercialisation seminar 
Free tank tests and sea trials
RenewableUK 2013 wave round-up

Why do investors want high nameplate power ratings?
The importance of big industry in wave power  
Opportunities for sites with low wave resource  
Peter Fraenkel on fundamental technology challenges
Pretentious? Moi?
USA shows some pioneering spirit 
What makes a WEC concept 'good'?
Cheap, reliable, now
Body blow for wave power

Some of my favourite spots on the interweb: 
Marine renewables industry reports from reNews for 2013, 2014 , 2015.
Find live resource data, download standards, request data, keep updated with the blog at the European Marine Energy Centre: 
Lots of useful stuff for marine energy here: , including wave scatter-plots for several sites:
This site has lots of useful standards: , for example:
Access material from Edinburgh University's Wave Power Group: Energy/Old reports/
Educational videos also available:
Access material from Falne's group at NTNU:

Access material from Maynooth's Center for Ocean Energy Research:
Excellent tutorials on hydrodynamic modelling:
A well-stocked wiki on wave maths (not for beginners):  
A plethora of courses on the engineering foundations required for hydrodynamic modelling can be found at:

Some workshop/conference proceedings can be found here:
Wave energy R&D, Cork 1992:
European wave energy symposium, Edinburgh 1993:
Heathrow wave energy conference.pdf
The second European wave power conference, Lisbon 1995:
Get your hydrodynamics fix at the International Workshop on Water Waves and Floating Bodies: