Monday 30 September 2013

EWTEC - Inore group discussion session

After the INORE workshop panel discussion, the panel joined the audience, and we broke into several discussion circles. The most interesting point that came out of the group that I joined was a discussion of a point Peter Frigaard had made in the panel session. Peter had mentioned that for wave power, the extreme loads are much greater than the operational design loads – he estimated a factor of 30. I've heard this concern voiced by several people, including Peter Fraenkel. Peter Frigaard pointed out that wind turbines shed loads by pitching their blades once they reach rated wind speed. They also have the option of yawing to reduce loads. In the break-out discussions, Prof Falcão emphasised Peter's point. He spelled out Peter's implicit suggestion: that wave power needs to have some element of adaptable geometry to reduce this gap between operational and extreme loads.

Monday 23 September 2013

EWTEC – Inore panel session

Thankyou to INORE for organising an engaging and enjoyable workshop on the last afternoon of EWTEC 2013, Aalborg. If you've not heard of INORE, they are fantastic – enough said! See their website for details of fantastivity. The workshop had a questions-and-answers panel session, followed by discussions in break-out groups. The panel consisted of António F. de O. Falcão (IST in Portugal), Bruce Cameron (Nova Scotia Department of Energy), Chul H. Jo (Inha University in South Korea), Peter Frigaard (Aalborg University), Jens Peter Kofoed (Aalborg University), Enrique Vidal Sánchez (Wavestar), and Ian Masters (Swansea University in Wales). The workshop was peppered with discussions around my current favourite topic – technology development paths. I'm going to pick out some of these points, as they tell a story when brought together.

Tuesday 10 September 2013

EWTEC 2013 presentations: The long and the short of it

The weird and the wonderful 

There were a couple of new wave power concepts that caught my eye.

Monday 2 September 2013

What cost renewables? - interview with Sue Jane Taylor.

At this year's All Energy Exhibition, I was somewhat surprised to see an artist exhibiting pictures of some offshore wind turbines. They were part of Sue Jane Taylor's exhibition 'Beatrice Works', which will return to Aberdeen in September. Recently I spoke to Sue Jane Taylor about the stories told by the landscapes she draws and paints, and about her plans to depict Pelamis.