Monday 13 May 2013

Wave and Tidal Knowledge Network

The Crown Estate have launched a website that gathers together useful information for wave and tidal developers:

This includes the most complete list of resource data to date.

Operating instructions for searching the site:

  • Start off with a keyword in the 'Data search' box, or, if you just want a look at what is available, leave the search box empty.
  • Press the 'search' button. (<Enter> does not perform a search)
  • The search results can then be refined by any of the search-refinement categories found on the grey bar on the left, such as 'keyword' or 'country'.
  • To search all articles with a particular keyword, run a new search with this keyword in the search box.
  • The keywords are listed under the article headings, and the most frequent keywords within a particular search are listed as a search-refinement category on the left.
  • The keywords assigned to the articles give better search results than those not in the list of keywords, so try a few of these if you don't initially find what you are looking for. I found the following keywords useful: 'WAVE ENERGY CONVERTER (WEC)', and 'ANALYSIS / TESTING / R&D'.

How to find the resource data:

To browse all the available resource data, press 'search' with the keyword box empty, then under the search refinement category 'data types', choose 'Datasets'. To date there are 163 datasets. Note that some may have costs or conditions; this website only provides a link to the holders of this data. However, there is an opportunity to leave comments and ratings for each resource, which is a helpful feature if widely used.

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  1. *sigh* this has the potential to be a great resource, but I keep coming across ways in which the site just doesn't work...

  2. We've received your feedback into the WTKN Site Development team and currently working on ways to improve the above issues and will look at these as a priority. Please could I ask what Internet Browsers and versions you are using as I am unable to reproduce the above at the moment.
    Please also; use the feedback options on the WTKN website "Contact Us" page (Email directly, as we can address issues as they are raised and meet the expected potential.

    @swaldman - I believe we have received the issues you have been experiencing and they are currenty being addressed.
    Many Thanks,
    Sam Rowley - WTKN Site Development Team.

  3. Another nice resource I've just spotted: EMEC has a list of the most up to date status reports on wave and tidal:

  4. Another interesting list of resources is available here:



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