Some of the articles on this site were written with academia in mind. The assumed readership is someone with a first degree in engineering and a research interest in wave power.

I've avoided the use of equations where ever possible, as they put some people off. I'm aware that others might be equally put off by the lack of equations, not to mention all the ducks. I have some posts planned to remedy the equation situation. I'm afraid there really isn't anything I can do about the duck situation.

Articles in the wave absorber = wave maker series:
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Articles in the Definitions in depth series:
Definitions in depth: oscillating wave surge converters  

Articles in the Design Challenges series:
Design challenges - oscillating wave surge converters

Articles about Modelling:
Falnes's diagram: just a bunch of maths?
The tube map dynamic model
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In a nutshell: Cummins

Some Not Entirely Serious articles:
How to design a device that absorbs no power
Serious about research?