I believe that society will benefit from having wave energy as part of our future low-carbon energy mix. The articles listed here were written specifically for people working in the wave energy industry. Many are experienced engineers who are new to wave energy and want to know: what are the key differences between this technology and what we've already seen; what does the winning technology look like?

Articles in the survival kit series:
Seven key principles for converting wave energy
How to design a device that absorbs no wave power
A quick recap of linear mass-spring-damper models 
Complex conjugate control without the equations 
The radiation paradox 
Definitions in depth: oscillating wave surge converters 
The tube map dynamic model

Articles about Comparative tank tests:
Comparative tank test challenges: Part I
Comparative tank test challenges: Part II
Tank check-list for wave energy

Articles in the Doctor doctor! series - salves for all your WEC woes:
Doctor doctor! I see waves before my eyes!
Doctor doctor! I had to tie it down to stop it thrashing about!
Doctor doctor! Surely radiation can't be good for me?

Why do investors want high nameplate power ratings?
The importance of big industry in wave power 
Opportunities for sites with low wave resource 
Sleepwalking into an energy crunch  
Renewableuk and SI Ocean supply-chain workshop
AEO trends and titbits - commercialisation
AEO trends and titbits - Cost of Energy
AEO - fundamental challenges
Peter Fraenkel on fundamental technology challenges
USA shows some pioneering spirit
Cheap, reliable, now
Body blow for wave power
Barriers posed by the investment environment
Renewable-UK W&T 2015 - Routes to market

Maybe a new series?
The cost-revenue conundrum