Monday 26 November 2012

Ai Weiwei's wave


Ai Weiwei is an engineer's artist: he makes towers out of bicycles, polygons out of wood, and surveillance cameras out of marble. His work comments on the impact of industrialisation on culture and the environment; he uses electronic communication as part of his art. 

In 2005 Ai Weiwei made a series of waves from porcelain: this is just one of them. I suspect that some hydrodynamicists might take umbrage with the physics being depicted. To them I say: nothing wrong with a bit of artistic licence. I like it because the flat bit with shallow carvings reminds me of traditionally decorated porcelain (ancient, solid) whereas the 3D bit reminds me of a CFD simulation (hi-tech, fluid). It looks like the new is about to crash down on the old like a tsunami.

More of Ai Weiwei's work can be found here:
The 2012 documentary 'Never Sorry' is also very good:

More wave art:

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  1. Ally,

    By chance I fell into your wonderful website today for the first time in ages. I love it! Gorgeous images and super words.

    yrs Jamie Taylor

  2. Ai Weiwei is awe-inspiring



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