Monday 21 April 2014

OES modelling workshop

The OES Annex V workshop on Computational Modeling and Analysis of Marine Energy Converters (25-26 Nov 2013) was organised by Roger Bagbey (Cardinal, USA) and Bob Thresher (NREL, USA), and hosted by Henry Jeffrey (The University of Edinburgh, Scotland UK).

Monday 7 April 2014

Launching the boat

Skagen is a small town at the northern tip of Denmark, at the meeting of the North and Baltic Seas. There was a group of artists living here around the turn of the nineteenth century. A favourite subject was the local folk who worked the sea. One of the Skagen painters, Michael Ancher, painted the fisherman and lifeboat man, Lars Kruse. Kruse had earned a medal for saving many lives, but this was revoked upon discovery that in his youth he had done some illegal beach-combing. Ancher championed his cause, and did several paintings depicting the harsh and heroic lives of the lifeboat men [Chief lifeboatman Lars Kruse, The drowned fisherman, Fishermen launching a rowing boat]. Kruse's medal was eventually reinstated.