Thursday 25 December 2014

Automaton waves

Waves in time and space: Reubin Margolin's favourite subject material. The sculpture above, 'Yellow wiggle' (2008), demonstrates the superposition of two sine waves with different frequencies. Most of his works are 3D waves, and they really give the impression of a weightless fluid surface, in spite of their true nature.

Friday 5 December 2014

Black Friday SuperGen

The newspapers described Fri 28 November as 'black'. Not quite sure why; something to do with the embedded carbon in all the impulse purchases? Anyhow, it seemed an apt description to me, given the black week suffered by marine energy. The world leading wave developer, Pelamis, was in administration, and the world leading tidal developer, MCT, had been put up for sale by their owners, Siemens. Rumours of others following in their wake were confirmed this week (Aquamarine 'downsizing'). This was the run-up to the SuperGen Marine annual assembly, so it was bound to be interesting.